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GoC Game 12: Ambush and Avalanche

The commonfolk’s new religion is more than just a faith. It is a movement. Propelled by the worship, their idol reclaims past glory. Are the commonfolk responsible? To them, the answer could not be more clear.


In the midst of this fervor, Azor Anthoupolis has achieved yet another miracle. Like his brother in arms Ser Acuna, Ser Ozhaino swore a new oath to serve the realm for campaigns to come. Ser Ozhaino was also granted a lordship and gold, but among the wise men, many whispered that Ser Acuña’s castle was much grander. Many whispered that Ozhaino deserved more.

Elsewhere in the War of the Five Teams:

As the Knights of the Chop trade blows with the forces of Queenstone, Lord Jeter exacts a heavy toll on Phillisport. Forced away from the SunTrust Stronghold, Queenstone sets its sight on now vulnerable Phillisport. Though they once seemed invincible, the Teamslayer, Ser Nola, and their stupid gold have now lost battles to two other Eastern Kingdoms. In a closely contested opening engagement, Queenstone secured a foothold for the siege.

Now, Queenstone narrowly controls the War of the Five Teams, but Phillisport and the Knights of the Chop remain a mere half battle behind.

Game 12:

The commonfolk stood atop the battlements of the SunTrust Stronghold. They stared into the distance, watching the sunset over the treetops. They waited with anticipation. They waited with fear.

They had heard the songs- tales of ferocious beasts who threw fire with deadly precision. Across the Thirty Kingdoms the bards promised that as long as these beasts stayed healthy, Queenstone will be a force to reckon with in this War of the Five Teams.

Suddenly, the dragons appeared.

Amidst the shock and awe, the battle began. As always, Lord Callaway used his dragons to defend his knights leading the attack. The bold Ser Acuna held no fear of the first dragon, Matzaryon. He launched spears with deadly velocity, fighting off the dragon momentarily and leaving the Queenstone forces vulnerable.


However, the invader’s attack was strong. Ser Rosario and the young Ser Alonzo overwhelmed the defenses of Ser Guas of the Bayou. By the end of the night, Queenstone had won the first engagement and laid siege to the Stronghold.  

Game 13

The second night of battle went much like the first. Queenstone’s attack overwhelmed young Ser Wright of the Bilt, who had been tasked with defending the walls of the Stronghold. Lord Callaway sent the dragon Wheelar to defend the charge, and not even the might of Ser Acuna, the professional skill of Nick “No One,” and the fury of Josh, Son of Donald, could turn the tide of battle.

Game 14

On the eve of the the third night, the commonfolk feared that Queenstone might take the castle and devastate the Knights’ early chances in the War. The hand called on Ser Newk to lead the defense atop the walls, but gruesome losses caused Ser Newk to retreat from the battle early. The Hand was forced to call upon a young knight who was hoping to prove his worth as a member of the Second Strings. Ser Touki entered the melee with vigor, and fought deep into the battle. Ser Touki was nearly untouchable as he scythed through the Queenstone forces.

Meanwhile, under cover of darkness, the Knights of the Chop launched a daring plan. Sneaking out of the SunTrust Stronghold through a back gate, they charged at Vargyar, the third Queenstone dragon, and knocked it out of the battle before it could even take flight.

Without its defense, the Knights struck at will against besieging army. They drove the soldiers off the walls of the castle and back into the field.

Game 15

The next night, the commonfolk hoped the tide of battle had turned. But they knew they would have to fact the most fearsome dragon of all: DeGromgon. The whole Thirty Kingdoms watched on, knowing the flame thrower could control the battle all on his own.

Remarkably, Ser Teheran relied on his veteran experience to fend off the Queenstone attacks. The Knights of the Chop chop fought off DeGromgon, and Lord Callaway was forced to retreat.

After sustaining heavy casualties throughout the battle, the Knights managed to inflict equal harm on the enemy by the end.

Although the Knights of the Chop prevailed, Ser Jonny the Resurrected, he of the Phoenix sigil, was battered once more in this bout. Ser Jonny has twice fallen, and twice been brought back by the healers at the Citadel. But each time he is revived, he comes back a bit less..

Outrider’s Report

Now, out of the barrens of the Red Waste, a new enemy marches on the realm. Do they demand the return of their former soldiers that the Knights of the Chop rescued from the desert? In the moment, the foolish leader of the Thirteen, Spice King Stewart, was happy to receive mere gold as ransom for Ser Touki, and he thought exchanging Ser Dans and Ser Ender for the Miller was wise. But time has proved him wrong…