Introducing: Game of Chops

We are in days of transition and change in the Realm of Atlanta. The realm has emerged from the darkness of the Long Rebuild, which saw loss after loss and the rise and fall of Prospect Pretenders.

In the darkness ice spiders as big as Adonis Garcia killed all hope, and the realm starved as The Owners froze all assets and sacked the capital city, Ted’s Landing.

Out of The Long Rebuild, a false hero emerged. Lord Coppy was beloved by the smallfolk and treated as an idol. His new religion brought to the kingdom never before seen riches of international prospects… but he was led astray. His experiments with international signing black magics culminated in the sacrifice of thirteen young prospects. And alas, their sacrifice was all for naught. Lord Coppy suffered the ultimate doom – a lifetime exile from the Thirty Kingdoms.

The Realm found new hope in The Lord Protector Azor Anthopoulos. He fought valiantly to lead House Chop out of the Long Rebuild and win its first Division Title since the Age of Heros. But now, new enemies surround the realm. The War of the Five Teams has commenced.

The Phillies of Philliport with their mines of “stupid gold” have invaded and won two quick and decisive victories against House Chop, led by the Golden Boy, Ser Bryce the Teamslayer.

Game 3 A.O.D. (After Opening Day)

Unrest among the common folk grows. They starve for reinforcements as rumors multiply that the Treasury of Battery Avenue has been seized by the Owners.

The Lord Protector leaves the realm’s daily operations to his Hand, The Honorable Fool Lord Snit. Though respected and beloved by his House and the common folk under his rule, he know little of the Intrigue and Analytics found at Court.

Despite the urging of the Small Council and outcries from the common folk, Ser Ender still leads the vanguard despite the promise of the young Ser Acuña. Defense of the realm has been trusted to the Second Strings, frugal mercenaries led by the exile Luke of Jackson and The Carle of Shane.

Ser Folty, Lord Commander the Mound Guard, and other young Mound Guardsmen are missing, having sustained minor wounds in the Spring Melee. In their absence, only the aging and slow Ser Teheran stands guard.

The Pen is in ruins as the Crimson Armies of Philly sack and homer their way across the Realm, and yet, Ser Kimbrel the Closer remains unsigned.

But hope still remains as Ser Dansby of the Bilt has entered the fight at last. With him stands his kinsman, Ser Wright of the Bilt. Can these two young Knights of the Bilt restore peace and prosperity to the realm?