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Game of Chops: Game 3, A.O.D.

Were last year’s victories merely The Year of the False Spring? Is the realm plunging back into The Long Rebuild? As the Owners march closer with their wintery cold that freezes all assets and drowns all hope of reinforcements, the common folk begin to lose hope…


Elsewhere in the War of the Five Teams, Fire-breathing Dragons of Queenstone won battles against the City Guard of President’s Landing. Meanwhile, The Late Lord Walder Jeter launched surprise victories against the Clansmen of the Rockies. 

Game 4, AOD

Defeat. Disease. Desperation.

Once again the Knights of the Chop met the Phillies of Phillisport in the field of battle. Once again they left scattered.

In a key moment of battle, the Carle of Shane, the mercenary of the Second Strings, foolishly thought to challenge Ser Bryce, the Teamslayer. The Golden Knight struck The Carle with a stinging blow from his lance. The Carle, disoriented and still reeling from his bout with the Teamslayer, dared to strike at Ser Hoskins, The Mountain that Rhys. The Maesters were outraged and exiled The Carle, though at that, the common folk sang no song of sorrow.

The Knights of Chop march back to the SunTrust Stronghold to face the Windblown, the sellsword company of Wrigleyville.

A plague of Walkscale ravages its way through the Mounds Guard and the Second Strings, mercenaries of the Pen. Just one touch from a member of the Second Strings results in an infection of Walkscale, leaving the infected Knight with an arm of stone and hopelessly wandering, unable to find the sacred Zone of Strikes.


Now the Hand of the King, the Honorable Fool Snit, has created a bold plan to counter the plague. He was released the first victim of Walkscale, the disgraced Ser Newk, from quarantine. The Hand has ordered Ser Newk into battle against the Windblown, hoping to spread the disease to the enemy and give the Knights of the Chop a fighting chance.

Through the turmoil, one Knight stands strong in defense of the Realm: Ser Freddie the Free Man, the First Lord. Having fought through The Long Rebuild and remained loyal to the Knights of the Chop, the common folk count on the First Lord to defend them against Philly and Windblown soldiers. But the enemies are careful, and without protection on his flanks, the Free Man must chip away at the enemy one base at a time. Will it be enough to halt the Windblown advance?